Technical Service

Something not working?

Our repair service will gladly help you!

If one of our products is not working properly, you can simply send it to our service team in Wetzlar, Germany.

Repairs & Service Form

Please fill out this form completely and send it together with
your MINOX product directly to our service team in Wetzlar, Germany.

Service Team

Wilhelm-Loh-Str. 1
D-35578 Wetzlar

Tel.: +49 (0)7562 / 98 135 01

In just three simple steps to
worry-free MINOX OPTICS.

  1. First of all, please completely fill out the accompanying form,
    which can be downloaded here.
  2. Then send your MINOX product together with the completed form
    directly to our service team in Wetzlar, Germany.
  3. And we take care of the rest.

For repairs outside the warranty or guarantee coverage, we will prepare a cost estimate after a thorough examination of your product. You can then decide whether the repair should be carried out or not. If you do not wish the repair to be done, we will charge you 12,00 Euros for the cost estimate.

plus shipping costs and VAT

You need help with your analog MINOX camera?

Unfortunately we can´t offer any rapair for our older cameras, but M.S. Hobbies has a service for all common MINOX analog cameras. The team from M.S. hobbies is pleased to help you.


M.S. Hobbies | Specialist since 1969

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