Our Night Vision Devices for Nocturnals

Your Night Vision Device.

From dusk until deep into the night, when not only your eyes but even high-performance binoculars reach their limits, this is exactly where our night vision devices offer the decisive advantage: equipped with the latest technology, they clearly reveal those objects that would otherwise remain hidden from you as an observer. Whether at sea, entering a dark harbor or for your personal security – with MINOX night vision devices, the night is literally turned into day!

MINOX night vision device

NVD 650

Observe, photograph, record –
our digital solution for the night.

With up to 30x magnification and up to 350 m range.


NV 351

More safety and orientation
in deep darkness at short distances.

With a range of up to 70 m and 2.5x magnification.

Your Direction
always in Sight

Perfectly Equipped

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